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Is a Business Blog Worth It?

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Is a Business Blog Worth It?

If you’re on the fence about starting a blog for your business, or aren’t sure whether it’s worth investing your time and budget in content generation, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Blogging consists of timely short- and medium-length articles and other content which are easily posted to your company’s blog and can then be found via search engines and shared and discovered by users on social media and via email. But while blogging may seem like a nice to have add-on, you should know that it’s an important tool for generating business leads as well as for converting prospective buyers into loyal customers.

Simply put, blogging pays off – literally. More than half of companies that blog on a monthly basis say their efforts have translated into new customers, while companies that blog even more frequently claim even bigger boosts. This shouldn’t be a huge surprise – consumer data has found that 84 per cent of people make purchases based on reading blogs and that two out of three people read blogs several times per week.

Here are a few reasons why blogging is such a powerful tool for driving business (and if you’re already sold on the idea of blogging, but are trying to determine how to allocate your resources for developing and distributing content, know that Yellow Pages has solutions for creating content as well as for distributing posts on social media).


1. Blogging drives SEO success

Even if you’ve done extensive keyword research and have optimized your website pages and landing page content to perform well on search engines, if you’re not blogging, your business is missing a crucial method for succeeding on search. Google’s algorithms have long favoured sites that have numerous inbound links from other credible websites (that means reputable websites are linking to you), and creating useful, timely blog posts people want to share is one way to promote inbound links. In fact, websites with blogs have up to 97 per cent more inbound links than those that don’t.

As well, Google is increasingly favouring websites that have regularly-updated content; new blog posts are a quick, low cost way to achieve this, and each new post you create is a new page for Google to index and serve up in its results.


2. Blog posts fuel social media

Companies that post engaging (and not overtly self promotional) content more frequently on Facebook tend to achieve greater visibility within consumers’ newsfeeds. While Yellow Pages’ Facebook solution means the actual posting is taken care of for you, regular updates means your business will require fresh, new content on a regular basis. While it’s great to post interesting articles and other updates from external sources, including media websites and other blogs, when you link to your own blog, you are sending customers to a place where you own the message – and can help encourage users to take specific actions when they finish reading.


3. That’s right – you own the message

While you could save time and money by linking to the same news story on an external website, when you blog, you have the opportunity to tell the story from your business’s perspective. You can add quotes and anecdotes from your customers, and include insights from key personnel within your company to establish authority and thought leadership. Most importantly, you can have an impact on what potential customers do next by incorporating lead-generating calls to action that can convert traffic into customers.


It’s worth your time to give it a try

If you’ve built a great website – but don’t yet have a business blog – you’re missing out on one of the most powerful and low-cost opportunities online to improve visibility on search engines and social networks, drive traffic to your site and promote your services and expertise. Yellow Pages makes it easy to incorporate this vital step into your digital marketing plan.


What’s next?


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