Billing and Payment

  • Can I pay my YP invoices online by credit card?

    You can now pay your Yellow Pages invoices using our new secure payment online platform. Once you have accessed the platform, simply follow the instructions.

    IMPORTANT: Before accessing the platform, make sure you have:

    • Your Customer # as indicated on your Yellow Pages invoice
    • Your postal code as indicated on your Yellow Pages invoice
    • The email address where the payment confirmation should be sent
    • Your credit card and related complementary information (expiration date and security code)

    We accept the following credit cards:

    • Visa®
    • MasterCard®
    • American Express®

    Please note that the Yellow Pages™ products invoiced by your telecommunications service provider cannot be paid using this payment platform. In this case, please follow your telecommunications service provider's payment instructions.
  • How do I change my billing address, or change who the invoice is addressed to?

    Within your Business Centre self serve account, you will be able to change your billing address information if you are already billed with YP.
    Please go into the Billing & Payment menu and then into the Billing Overview section.
    At the bottom of the page, you will be able to edit your information.
    Please contact our customer service at 1-844-875-4290 if you are facing any problems.

  • Do you have paperless billing?

    You can opt in to the paperless billing within your Yellow Pages for Business self serve account. Please go into the Billing & Payment and then into the Billing Overview section.

  • Can I pay my Yellow Pages Invoice online?
    If your financial institution offers Online Banking, you may pay your Invoice online. 
    Please add Yellow Pages as a Payee, and use your "Customer ID" number listed on your Invoice as your account number. 
  • Can I set up Pre-Authorized Payments?
    Yes, we offer Pre-Authorized Payments via Credit Card or Bank. You will need to fill in and submit an authorization form in order to set it up. 
    To set up Pre-Authorized Payments via Credit Card or your Bank account, please call us at 1-877-909-9356 so we can send you the form via e-mail or fax. 
    Additionally, you may also set up Pre-Authorized Payments by completing and sending in the perforated tab attached to your Invoice envelope. 
  • What is my account balance?

    To get your account balance, please click into Billing & Payment menu into your Business Centre Self Serve Account.
    Then click on the Billing Overview section where you will see your Account Balance at the top of the page.
    If you are facing any problems, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-909-9356. 

  • I need help understanding my invoice.
    Access our "Understanding Your Bill" help document.
  • I have additional billing questions that are not addressed in this FAQ. How can I get assistance?
    For billing inquiries, please contact Customer Service at 1-877-909-YELO (9356).