Facebook Solution

  • Do I need a personal Facebook page in order to set up a business Facebook page?
    Normally, you cannot create a Facebook business page without having a personal Facebook account. But with Facebook Solution, we share the business page credentials with you so you don't need to set up a personal account. Or, if you prefer, we can walk you through the process of creating a blank personal account from which to manage your business page.
  • Do I need to be familiar with Facebook to use this solution?
    Not at all. Our team of experts will handle every facet of your Facebook campaign, from page set-up to content creation to progress reports. But since you are the expert on your business, our campaign managers will arrange short touchpoints with you to ensure the campaign is in line with your needs and goals.
  • Will I be notified if my business gets a negative post on my Facebook page?
    Facebook alerts all page managers of any interaction on their page. But even if you don't check your notifications, your campaign manager will do so and proactively share the feedback and recommend a course of action.
  • Can I create content also?
    Absolutely! You can certainly create and respond to posts directly on your Facebook page. Your Campaign Manager will show you how and set up the page based on your preferences.
  • Do I need to link my Facebook page to my website and vice versa?
    Actually, it's a good idea to provide a link from your Facebook page to your website, and to encourage visitors on your website to "LIKE" you on Facebook. Your Campaign Manager will discuss all this with you during the initial set-up meeting.
  • Why is Facebook Solution important to my business?
    Chances are, many of your existing and potential customers are already on Facebook. Your Facebook page is key to listen in on digital word-of-mouth and join a conversation that's already happening. You'll access new insights on your customers and you'll be able to better address their needs. As a result, you'll be able to increase traffic to your website and business. However, setting up and maintaining a Facebook page often takes plenty of time and effort… along with trial and error. The good news is that our social media experts can do it efficiently and quickly, and also take on the regular maintenance and posts to keep the momentum going.