Video & Photo

  • What is the Video Premium Option?

    Our videos harness the power of online video marketing to help you promote your business, generate more prospects and increase sales in your products and services.

    Two video types are available to you:

    • Custom Video: A 60-second video produced by a professional videographer at your desired location customized to your business requirements.
    • Video Montage: A 30-second video designed with images (photos) and a customized voice-over recording.
  • Why do I need a video?

    Today's customers expect to see video.

    Because it gives them a better idea of how your product works and what your company does, people come to trust your business more with a video. 4 out of 5 consumers say that a video influences their buying decision and over 80% of customers searching on the Yellow Pages network say they're more impressed by advertisers who use video than those who don't.

    Video also increases your online visibility. Businesses who display a video on their Business Profile receive 25% more clicks and calls than those without one.


  • Does the filming of the Custom Video disrupt my business?

    We actually encourage people to keep their businesses open during the shoot. There's nothing better than the hustle and bustle of customers and staff to show a healthy business at its best. Your video shoot will last 90 minutes max and needs to be done at a single location. So choose your location wisely and be prepared.

  • Do you have any tips for how to make my video effective?

    If your business is mobile, consider capturing the action on location so potential customers can see how you operate. Include lots of great shots of staff members interacting with satisfied customers. Talk to the producer about capturing footage of products or places in your business that will impress customers; your showroom, reception area, even a warehouse could work.


  • What kind of information should be included in my video?
    Here are some examples of the type of information that can be captured in your video:
    • What sets you apart, or makes you different from your competition.
    • Whatever makes your customers keep coming back.
    • The brands, products or services you offer.
    • Any kinds of products or services that can't be found anywhere else.
    • Your status as an authorized dealer or distributor.
    • A mission statement, slogan or motto you want people to remember.
    • The extent of your experience within your industry.
    • Let people know if you are family owned and operated.
    • Any professional associations to which you belong.
    • Any awards of recognition or certifications you've won.
  • When can I see / edit my video / photo selection before it goes live?

    You have the opportunity to review your video / photo selection and provide any feedback or suggestions prior to it going live on  


  • Can I use my video / photos in other, non-YP, advertising media?

    Yes, your video / photos belong to you. You can display them on many advertising media, such as your website, Facebook. Twitter, blog, brochures, etc.


  • Will my video be on YouTube?

    Once it has been published on your profile, your video will be posted on Yellow Pages’ YouTube channel, so search engines know you're there. While videos are not automatically posted on our customers’ own video sharing sites’ accounts, videos on a PresencePro are distributed to a number of digital network partners and local search profiles for a maximized online presence.

    The advantage of web video marketing is that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo know that people prefer video over text or pictures, so they move videos higher in the search results where customers look first.


  • What if I don't want to be on camera?

    If you're camera shy, it's not a problem. The videographer will record an interview with you in order to get relevant information about your business. Then, our editing team will create a script out of your interview and do the voice-over using one of our professional actors. You will even get to choose whether you want a male or female voice to represent your business.


  • What happens if I cancel my video / photo shoot appointment?

    You must respect your appointment with our local videographer. If you cancel less than 48 hours prior your video / photo shoot, note that you may be charged with a cancellation fee.

  • What is the YP Photo Service?
    Yellow Pages Photo Service is a custom, one-hour photo shoot for your business that includes 35 professional quality photos. Once you’ve paid for your photos, they’re yours forever. You can use them anywhere, at any time without restrictions.

    You have unlimited options with your shoot: showcase your staff, customer interactions, products, buildings and offices, tools and equipment, accomplishments – basically whatever you can imagine. The best part is that YP pros will guide you the whole way.

    After the YP Video Squad prepares you and helps you get organized for your shoot, an expert photographer, equipped with professional camera, flash and tripod, will come to your business to take the photos.
    Please note that your shoot includes one location only and is designed to reflect the authenticity of your business in its natural environment without the use of backdrops or spotlights.
  • Why do I need professional photos?

    So you can connect with more new and potential customers! Search engines like Google love photos and can drive more traffic to your website and Business Profile. Professional, high-quality photos of your business demonstrate your pride and investment in your business; help set you apart from your competition; and give online searchers more reasons to choose your business. In fact, Business Profiles with photos can get 30% more clicks and calls than basic listings.