Print Advertising

Call tracking number

  • How can call tracking help me?
    Your Yellow Pages call tracking number can be set-up to specifically track the call activity generated from your Yellow Pages advertising solution. With call tracking, you get to know exactly how effective your advertisement is in delivering leads by phone. Get to know important call details to help you manage your busiest times. Find out who called, when they called, and whether you were able to answer.
  • Can I buy the call measurement number at the end of my contract?
    No. We do not own these numbers and are unable to resell the numbers to our clients. 
  • Why isn't my call tracking number the same area code as my local number?

    Whenever possible, we try to provide a call tracking number with the same area code and local exchange as your number; however, due to a limited number of lines, this is not always possible.  The marketing team will always test to make sure a number is local before using it.  For example, it's possible that an advertiser in Toronto has a 416 number, but that no 416 numbers are available at the time of the campaign development, and a 647 number is used instead. This 647 number will still be local to anyone for whom the 416 number would have been.

    If it is impossible to provide any local numbers at all (this could be the case for certain smaller communities), then a toll free number will be used.


  • What is a Print Ad?
    A Print Ad is an ad that appears in a Yellow Pages directory under a specific heading and in a particular market, or in an alphabetical pages directory. Print Ads can take many forms, ranging from a plain entry to a Double Full Page ad with illustration. For full details of our range of print products, contact your Media Account Consultant.
  • How far in advance of a directory's publication date must I contact a media account consultant to have my print ad appear?
    We recommend contacting your Media Account Consultant at least 3 months prior to the publication date of the Yellow Pages directory.
  • How long are the Print Ad contracts?
    The contracts are for 12 months starting from the directory's publication date.
  • If my business offers different types of service, must I advertise under more than one heading?
    Every ad must describe a service offered that is related to the heading it falls under. So, if you offer a number of different services, we recommend that you publish an ad under every heading in which your business specializes. This will also increase your company's points of entry.
  • Can I advertise in a directory other than the one for the market where my business is located?
    Absolutely. Indeed, we recommend that you advertise in the directories of all the markets where you want to reach your prospects.
  • Why advertise in the alphabetical pages?
    The alphabetical pages are aimed at users who know you and want to contact you. Advertising in the alphabetical pages means your customers will be able to find you quickly. 
  • Do you have any tips for how to make my Print Ad effective?
    To be effective, ads need to stand out from the crowd. Three important components should be considered.
    • Size
    • Larger ads attract instant attention and allow more space to showcase your business. Plus, larger ads get priority under their heading. So by investing in a larger ad you are making sure you are more visible than your competitors. Our advertiser data shows that the larger the ad, the greater the return on investment.
    • Content 
    • To convert leads, tell users what they want to know. Content is King!
    • Provide as much information as possible: logos, photos, descriptions of your products and services, your business hours and accepted payment methods, which all help you stand out from other advertisers.
    • Receive 30% more leads from your print ad when you include your website address in it!
    • Our advertiser data shows that the richer the ad content, the greater the return on investment.
    • Colour 
    • It captures attention instantly and make key information stand out It reinforces your brand image.
    • Our advertiser data shows that colour has a positive impact on return on investment. 
  • Can I insert any logos I choose in my Print Ad?
    You are free to insert your company's logo, but you must obtain authorization from another business before using its logo.
  • When can I see / edit my Print Ad before it appears in the print directory?
    As soon as your Print Ad is finalized, a proof is sent to your Media Account Consultant (MAC).
    • If your MAC has asked for a customer proof, you will receive an email inviting you to go to the Advertiser Centre to approve your ad. If we don't have your email address, the proof will be mailed to you. You can then approve your ad or let us know what changes are required prior to publication. 
    • If your MAC has not asked for a customer proof, he or she will have to send you the proof by email or by mail (if you have no email address) to get your approval.
  • How does Yellow Pages Group determine the publication order of Print Ads under the same heading?
    Yellow Pages Group uses the following criteria to determine the order of publication:
    • Size
    • Rate Card Value of the ad (colour)
    • Total Spend Print and Digital*
    • Alphabetical

    * For BC & AB, if a local advertiser’s spend is more than a National advertiser’s local spend the local advertiser takes first position.

  • Will my Print Ad appear on If so, when?
    Any Print Ad of "Display Ad" size or larger will appear under the "Ad" tab on your Business Profile Page on, as of the publication date of the printed directory.