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Call tracking number

  • Can I buy a larger campaign ($500+/mo) and not use a call tracking number?
    Yes. It is to your benefit to include a call tracking number, but if you wish to exclude it from the program, we can do that. The leads estimator tool includes leads that would normally come from customers calling into your business. If you do not want to include a tracked number, your reports will not show any leads that came in from calls off of the leads page, meaning actual leads may be below estimated leads.
  • Can I use the same call tracking number in both my leads page and my print ad?
    In order to provide a better level of tracking, the call tracking number used for SEM products should be unique to this advertising medium. By using it within multiple mediums, we will be unable to track what type of lead the call was (print or online). Also, with the flexibility of the campaign term for the search engine products, the two campaigns (print & SEM) may not be aligned. At the end of the SEM campaign term, the number will no longer be tracked.
  • Can I buy the call measurement number at the end of the campaign?
    No. We do not own these numbers and are unable to resell the numbers to our clients. 
  • Why isn't my call tracking number the same area code as my local number?
    Whenever possible, we try to provide a call tracking number with the same area code and local exchange as your number; however, due to a limited number of lines, this is not always possible.  The SMS team will always test to make sure a number is local before using it.  For example, it's possible that an advertiser in Toronto has a 416 number, but that no 416 numbers are available at the time of the campaign development, and a 647 number is used instead. This 647 number will still be local to anyone for whom the 416 number would have been.
    If it is impossible to provide any local numbers at all (this could be the case for certain smaller communities), then a toll free number will be used.

Campaign management

  • How much time does it take to create an SEM campaign?
    From the day we receive your signed agreement, the SEM campaign creation will take 30 days—including the campaign development, the leads page development and the call tracking programming (if applicable).
  • Can I choose my own starting date for an SEM campaign?
    Yes. You may choose any starting date after the regular 30-days creation time. 
  • Is there a process to modify the campaigns while they are up?
    Yes. You can contact client services or your MAC to request a change. Please note that, on average, our team is instructed to not perform more than one change per month per client to control volume.   
  • What is the turnaround time for the changes requested?
    The turnaround time is up to five business days with most requests handled within three days.
  • Can I choose keywords and maximum bid prices?
    No. Our search engine marketing specialists will select the best keywords and bids based on industry best practices, your business profile and campaign targets. If you want to suggest keywords, include them in the special customization notes field in the contract and they will be taken into consideration.
  • Why don't I see the keywords I gave you in my top 10?
    While we can include certain keywords in our search engine optimization campaigns, we cannot control the behaviour of internet users and consumers.  These keywords may not be the keywords customers use to find you.
  • Can you allocate my budget on one keyword?
    We do not recommend this tactic as it may cause a drop in performance. Your customers are not always searching on one keyword for your services. Our specialists think creatively in order to get the most leads from the most sources possible.
  • Can I focus my campaign on residential clients instead of commercial clients? (or vice versa)
    Online traffic being what it is, we can target a specific industry or sector (commercial/residential) through the ads, but we cannot guarantee that most of the clicks will come from the desired sector.  
  • Why can't I see my ad?
    There are different explanations for this. If your ad is geo-targeted in a region other than yours, you will not see it. The sponsored search results are not permanent placement so your ad might not show each time a user makes a keyword search or not show at all if the targeted media budget is delivered for that period.
    Because of limited budget opportunities, your campaign cannot be online 24/7. We have allocated your monthly budget across hundreds of keywords and multiple distribution sources. As such, we have an algorithm that best allows for distribution of your budget. In fact, because you can't see your campaign online, it means that your budget is spent, and clients are visiting your site.


  • What is SEM Solutions?
    SEM Solutions, or Search Engine Marketing Solutions, is a product that includes three essential components: lead generation on the top three search engines in Canada (Google, Bing and Yahoo) as well as on multiple partner sites and display networks; an advertiser lead page optimized for the search engines; and a call tracking solution.

Lead estimator tool

  • What are the lead estimates based on?
    Lead estimates are formulated from our current YPG SEM results, search engine estimations and historic data from our search partners. With over 10,000 active SEM campaigns, we are able to make calculated estimates based on geography and region.

Leads page

  • If I decide that I don't want a leads page, where will my SEM campaign be redirected?

    You can choose to not use a leads page and simply proxy your website (we can handle this for you but there may be some technical constraints) that will include a call tracking phone number. This means that we will mirror your site so we can track clicks. The reporting will include the clicks and calls tracking only. If you opt out of call tracking, the campaign will be directed to your website. If you do not have a website, we will need to create a leads page.

  • Will my leads page include all information on all facets of my business?
    This will depend on the campaign you select. If there are multiple facets and you want to track them separately, then multiple campaigns and leads pages are required.
  • I'm wondering, why would I want a leads page for more business, rather than just using my own site?
    The leads page is specifically designed to convert leads. It contains the information that your customers tend to look for when searching online. The design of the page ensures that all critical data is visible to the user as soon as they open the page. 
    The leads page also includes call tracking measures. If you want to use your own site, we can only track the features you currently have built into your site. We will not build additional pages onto your site to include tracking mechanisms (i.e. if you don't have an email link then we can't track it).
  • How is the leads page optimized?
    Leads pages are optimized from an on-page perspective. Off-page optimization is not included. This means that your page is structured and coded to be "search engine friendly" but nothing is done off of the page, such as link building, directory submission or article writing.
  • Can links on search engines be directed to different pages within my leads page?
    No, this is not possible. The leads page is a single page with multiple components that is designed to best convert traffic. 

Proxy site (mirror site)

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