Virtual Business Profile

  • What is a Virtual Business Profile?
    The Virtual Business Profile is like your online business card. This small business marketing tactic is your opportunity to let all your customers know what products and services you have to offer. It allows you to express why they should choose you and highlights what differentiates you from your competition. It's your best shot at converting an online user into a buyer.
  • What is included in my Virtual Business Profile?

    Features included in your Virtual Profile are as follows:

    • Business name, address, telephone number
    • Website link plus a web image
    • Email link
    • Management and updating of your Facebook Business Page (optional)
    • Driving directions and pinpoint on the map
    • Your category and heading on
    • The methods of payment accepted
    • Languages spoken
    • Products and services offered
    • Brands carried
    • Any specialties you may have
    • Custom theme – opportunity for you to add any other relevant details ( i.e., Awards, affiliations…)
    • Up to 10 photos
    • Up to 1000 characters of descriptive text

    Depending on your industry, there is the opportunity to include additional details such as:

    • Cuisine type
    • Patient type
    • Medical treatments and more
  • How long are the Virtual Business Profile contracts?
    The contracts are for 12 months.
  • Is the Virtual Business Profile part of other products?
    Yes – a Virtual Profile is included when you purchase one of the following products:
    • Guaranteed Sponsored Placement (GSP)
    • Sponsored Placement (SP)
    • Mobile Sponsored Placement
    • Website
    • SEM (search engine marketing)
    • SEO (Search engine optimization) Product
  • Can I make changes to my Virtual Business Profile throughout the contract period?
    Yes – there are three ways to make changes to your Virtual Profile:
    1. Call your Media Account Consultant
    2. Call our Client Services 1 866 286-1623
    3. Email :
  • Why do I need a Virtual Business Profile?
    The way consumers find products and services is changing: 7 out of 10 now look online first for local business information. Consumers shopping online have high expectations and short attention spans. They expect to find detailed information quickly, and will use that information to make purchasing decisions. In fact, people are twice as likely to click on ads that have complete content compared with those that don't have any content, making it an essential part of any lead generation marketing plan.
  • What kind of information should be included in my Virtual Business Profile?
    Put yourself in your customer's shoes. Think about who your customers are and what kind of questions they typically ask you. These questions are what you want to address up front in your ad or website. Remember that consumers will find many companies in their online search. You want to give them convincing reasons to choose your business. Use your content to highlight your expertise. Including testimonials and reviews from real customers can also be very effective.
  • Who will collect the information for my Virtual Business Profile and how?
    Once you sign up for a Virtual Profile, you will be contacted for an interview to collect your company's information. Your Media Account Consultant you will also give you a handy guide full of tips and tricks on what to include in your Virtual Profile.
  • How will Yellow Pages Group administer your Facebook business page?
    Yellow Pages Group (YPG) will update the business information on your Facebook business page with the up-to-date information the advertiser provides to YPG. This includes: your logo, business name, opening hours, telephone number, website URL and business description. We will not be updating your business page timeline where you write posts and share items (more detail).
  • What will happen to any changes made directly in Facebook if an update is made to the business information on your Yellow Pages™ Virtual Business Profile?
    Updates made on the Virtual Business Profile will overwrite the changes that have been made to the About Us section in Facebook. However, they will have no impact on your Facebook Timeline.
  • I'm worried about what kind of updates Yellow Pages Group will make.
    We only update your key business data with the information you provide to Yellow Pages Group. You remain responsible for posts in your timeline and thus you retain the ability to engage with your customers. Effectively, you manage the relationship with your customers, we make-sure your base presence data is consistent and up to date.
  • What if I already have a Facebook Business Page?
    Yellow Pages Group will add itself, with your express permission, as a page administrator. We will then be able to update your business information. You continue to update your timeline through posts. At all times, you remain the owner of the page.
  • Is it necessary to have a Facebook account in order to have a Facebook business page?
    If you don't have a Facebook account, Facebook will invite you to create one. It is not required to have an account to create the page, but highly recommended because without one you will not be able to update your page. Having a personal Facebook account doesn't oblige you to update it.
  • If you no longer want your Facebook business page, what is the process you should follow?
    You should inform your Yellow Pages Group Media Account Consultant, and then go into Facebook and delete the page yourself. Yellow Pages Group is not authorized by Facebook to do this on your behalf as you are the owner of the page.
  • I have a social media policy and don't allow employees to visit any social media sites at work, including Facebook. Isn't this contradictory?
    Your position that social media should be engaged outside work hours is entirely understandable. Hence, you should have a social presence for your customers who want to engage outside their working hours too.