YP PowerPacks

  • I already have online reservation and/or online ordering, why should I switch to YP?

    With YP PowerPacks there are no surprise fees, only one flat monthly price. Receive unlimited reservations or orders without worrying about setup or transaction fees or commission! Your payments are deposited directly into your account, without any delay from third party money transfers.

    You also get 20% off your PowerPack if you pair it with a YP DigiStart bundle to boost online visibility for your restaurant.

  • Where will my customers find my reservation and/or ordering button?
    Your customers can reserve or order online from your restaurant’s website, as well as your Facebook page, and YP Dine (voted one of Canada’s top 25 apps in 2015 by Apple). They can also reserve online from the YP app.
  • Will my clients be able to reserve and/or order from my website?
    Of course! An online reservation or online ordering button or widget can easily be added to your website and even on your Facebook page. We just need to provide the necessary code to your webmaster.
  • Who sets up my YP PowerPack?
    Your setup is taken care of by experts at YP. You’ll also get a walkthrough of your solutions so you start off on the right foot.
  • How can I communicate with my customers to keep them coming back?

    With Loyalty management, you can send as many personalized newsletters as you like. Use the self-serve platform to create emails your customers will love. You’ll also be able to track how many of your customers open and respond to your emails: this allows you to collect valuable information about your diners’ preferences and improve future emails. When customers order online from you, their email address will automatically be stored in the self-serve platform. You can also add additional emails to grow your database.

    You can also create coupons tailored to customers’ tastes to get them to visit you more often. Coupons are featured on YP Dine,, and Red Flag Deals (all deals are reviewed before publishing) to maximize your visibility.

  • Do I need additional devices to use my YP PowerPack Online Order?
    Devices are not included, but you can choose between your mobile phone, your tablet, your computer, or your fax machine to receive orders.
  • How often can I make changes to my menu? Is there an additional charge?
    You can update your menu in your self-serve platform as often as you wish with no additional charge.
  • I don’t know much about email marketing - are templates available or included?
    No, because it’s simple to create your own email templates that reflect your restaurant. You can easily add personalized images and information from your restaurant. Once created, they are stored in your account’s self-serve platform for you to reuse anytime.
  • I don’t have much time. How long does it take to manage online ordering and loyalty management?

    Once your online ordering menu is set up, only a minimal amount of time is required to receive and process orders.

    Loyalty management is easy-to-use and quick to launch on the self-serve platform. The amount of time you decide to invest is up to you – depending on how much you want to engage with your customers. More offers and emails will keep your diners more engaged.

  • How will I receive orders? Do I need a printer?
    You don’t need a printer to receive orders. Choose the most convenient way to manage your orders:
    • on our OrderHub for Merchants Android tablet app (available only on Android tablets at this time). Wondering how to install it? You won’t do it alone: a YP expert will go through the process with you.
    • by email on your laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone
    • by SMS on your mobile phone
    • on your fax machine
    • on your printer (see which printers are compatible below)
  • I already have a printer, is it compatible with your online ordering system?

    If you have an SMS printer, we’ll need to test it to make sure it works with our online ordering system. Just provide us with the telephone number associated with the printer’s SIM card.

    If you have a Star or Epson Kitchen Printer, it can be configured to receive online orders. Just ask your IT person to configure your router and to provide us with the static IP or the domain name with the port number that you want to send the orders to.

    If you have a Just Eat printer, unfortunately they are incompatible with our ordering system.

  • How will the online reservation and/or online order button look on my website?

    The buttons can be customized to fit in perfectly with your website. Your customers will enjoy a seamless experience on your website.

  • What are the benefits of online reservation?

    Focus valuable time for you and your staff on other tasks while your YP PowerPack handles all customer bookings. Plus the system is there for your diners 24 hours a day and will never miss a call. 

  • How will I receive my online reservations?

    You will receive reservations, modifications and cancellations through email notifications. Manage them easily through any device that works best for you: laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

  • Do I need a website to reserve or order online?

    Absolutely not! YP PowerPacks come with great exposure where diners are searching. Your diners will be able to reserve or order from, the YP Dine website and app, and from your Facebook page. They can also make reservations from the YP mobile app.

    If you are thinking about getting a YP PowerPack that includes online ordering, it might be a good time to consider launching your own website. You can get an expertly built, responsive website starting at only $25 a month. Check out YP websites.

  • I don’t have a printer, which specific one should I get?

    You don’t need to buy a printer, as there are other convenient ways of receiving your orders: either via email, SMS, fax or on our OrderHub for Merchants Android tablet app.

    On an Android tablet, it’s easy to receive and manage your orders with the OrderHub for Merchants app. Wondering how to install it? No worries, a YP expert will be with you all the way.