How we made a business to deliver success


Yellow Pages digital marketing will help your small business succeed.

To prove it, we made our own small business, The Lemonade Stand and promoted using Yellow Pages digital advisors and services.

A Lemonade Stand story

First, we identified the objectives and built a plan
From promoted search, to Facebook, to video production, YP offers it all. But not all of it is necessary for every business. We'll sit down with you to look at your neighbourhood and target market to plan exactly what's right for your business and your customers. For The Lemonade Stand, we recommended a website, online listings, a Facebook page, promoted search, and banner ads.
Then we put our people to work.
YP has over a thousand digital advisors to help build your online presence. You can think of our people as your people. As we build out your marketing plan, you can be as involved (or uninvolved) as you want. This allows our clients to be completely hands-off, choosing to focus on their core business

We used tools to drive awareness online
We wanted to make sure that customers could easily find The Lemonade Stand online, and when they did, they liked what they saw. This meant building an impactful website, setting up a Facebook page, using NetSync Plus to maximize online presence and increase the ranking on search engines.

Results Snapshot: 1 week results:

  • 1,732 unique visitors to The Lemonade Stand website.
  • 488 Likes achieved on Facebook. ​

We reached the right audience.
Building a great business isn't enough - you need smart, targeted advertising that drives quality traffic to your properties. Since the Lemonade Stand was a small, local business, we focused on young families in the nearby area, using paid search, promoted Facebook posts, and banner ads to ensure that when we opened for business, the whole neighborhood knew.

Results Snapshot: 1 week results:

  • 445,626 Banner impressions.
  • 120,412 Facebook impressions. ​​

How we delivered success.
Within a week, our online presence and smart, targeted media buy helped sell over 807 bottles of lemonade and 857 baked goods, and on our last day we sold out of lemonade just three hours after opening. While many owners choose to reinvest profits into their business, we put that money back into the community instead, with all proceeds from The Lemonade Stand going toward Out Of The Cold Program.

Results Snapshot: 1 week results:

  • Average of 62 customers per day.
  • Average daily sales of $560. ​

One sad neighbourhood when they learned we'd be gone before summer.



Now that you know The Lemonade Stand's story, it's time to start yours.

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