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Find out more about digital marketing and discover innovative ways to make your business thrive in the new neighbourhood.

Webinar: How You Can Take Advantage of 2017's Digital Marketing Trends Today

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Webinar: How You Can Take Advantage of 2017's Digital Marketing Trends Today

The digital landscape is a fluid one: new apps and trends emerge almost every day, while others silently fall by the wayside. With so many day-to-day operational tasks filling your time, how are you to ever learn which trends to tap? In this free 45-minute session, the experts at Yellow Pages will show you the best digital marketing trends to take advantage of in 2017.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • The different digital marketing trends set to emerge in 2017

  • What these trends mean for your business

  • The practical ways you can leverage these trends to reach more customers and grow your sales

  • Working samples so you can see these trends in action – and kick start your 2017 marketing plan

The newest digital marketing trends aren’t just for enterprise businesses! This webinar will showcase how small businesses can grow with any size budget. 

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