Yellow Pages Analytics

Measure your performance in the new neighbourhood, and get a better return on your investment.

Performance reports at your fingertips

Yellow Pages Analytics gives you up-to-date info on exactly how many people viewed, interacted with your advertisement or contacted you.

  1. Results

    Get the info you really need to know in the new one look dashboard.

  2. Opportunities

    Get the facts that will help you make smarter marketing decisions.

  3. Insights

    Learn which advertising options are attracting the most customers.


It's free. And we are here to help you every step of the way so you can get the most of your advertising campaign.

To start benefiting, simply register as a user and begin tracking how people interact with your:

  • Online business listing
  • Website
  • Search engine marketing campaign
  • Print ad

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How to read your report

With Yellow Pages Analytics, everything is broken down into simple terms that give you a sharper picture of your results — views, visits, interactions and contacts.

Some basic definitions:


Say a potential customer searches on Google or another search engine and your business listing appears on the page. This is a view. It's also a view if it appears on,, RedFlagDeals or any other partner site, and if it's an ad you've paid for. If your ad and listing appear twice on a page, then this counts as two views.


If the potential customer wants to know more about your listing and clicks on it, taking them to your merchant page, then this counts as a visit. They've taken an interest!


Now that they've shown an interest, you can begin tracking interactions. Clicking on your listing is one interaction (and a visit). But so are looking at a map, viewing your photo gallery or video, visiting your website or checking out your deals. The more interactions, the higher the odds of a visit and a sale.


This is the final stretch in a sale. Contacts can take many forms: in person, by phone, email or other online communication. Yellow Pages Analytics estimates phone calls based on other contacts, but the most accurate way to measure is by arranging for a special phone number.

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